Dirty Laundry Solutions Introduces Their Spin-off Aloha Laundry Life

Atlanta, GA, January 01, 2021 –(PR.com)– Like many businesses, Dirty Laundry Solutions (DLS) was born out of necessity. Peter Trang, Founder & CEO, initially wanted to open and operate a laundromat. The idea was to have a passive business that would allow him the time freedom to spend with his family.

However, the growth of the industry was in the Wash and Fold Delivery segment. To offer this service, Trang would have needed to dedicate additional capital and more importantly, time. Unwilling to commit such resources, he began to search for services that could alleviate the need. Trang’s search yielded no results. Instead, it gave birth to a new business solution.

Dirty Laundry Solutions was created to service the demands of the Wash Dry Fold Delivery segment while helping to drive business to the many current laundry centers. In the development of filling this demand, Trang learned that there were two distinct needs. The first and more immediate need given the current environment, is to offer pickup and delivery to clients without the added costs of vehicles, salaries, and maintenance. At its core, DLS offers businesses a partnership to begin pickup and delivery services without upfront costs. However, the key value DLS presents is its commitment to help increase business to their network partners.

The second need is for laundry centers to increase the utilization of their facilities. Trang decided to create a spinoff, Aloha Laundry Life (ALL) to meet this need. Where DLS is a B2B service to laundry centers, ALL is consumer centered and will focus on the relationship of the Wash N Fold Operator and their clients. ALL will teach individuals how to start and operate a professional Wash N Fold business. Through a dedicated Operator website, www.AlohaWashNFold.com, ALL will provide all the training, technology, tools and support needed for someone to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The Aloha Operators will be able to run their entire business through a web portal and WashNFold app. In turn, Operators market their services on the client website www.AlohaLaundryLife.com or ALL App.

With Dirty Laundry Solutions and Aloha Laundry Life, Trang feels that both companies can complete the growing demands of the laundry industry and offer something for everyone. If you are a laundry center that has wash and fold services and in need of a cost effective pickup and delivery solution, DLS has multiple partnership plans for you to choose from. Visit their website at www.DirtyLaundrySolutions.com for additional information. Or if you are an individual looking to start your very own professional wash and fold business, you can find more information or purchase an Aloha Operator license at www.AlohaWashNFold.com. Consumers just looking for clean laundry can visit www.AlohaLaundryLife.com to find an Operator in your area.

Thomas Edison said, “There is a better way…find it.” Peter Trang started out in search of a laundry business but found a better way to “Deliver Clean and Get it ALL done with Aloha.”

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